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Upd: Apr 24th 2019  Week: F. Last Week

Scores MUST be logged by 7PM Wednesday. Notables should also be submitted online using the score log form!

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1Jimmy G's Island of Misfit Toys89317
2Jimmy G's Dirty Kids75456
3McGinnity's Stepchildren49714
4McGinnity's Gunners27932
PositionDivision AWLA
1Salvatore's Saloon Goons59375
2McGinnity's Lebowski54425
3Mulconry's Highlanders46504
4Mulconry's Let's Be Ins30663
PositionDivision BWLA
1Old Toad Rosie and the Ribbiters55256
2Barnard Crossing Woodchucks47335
3Mason's Bulls Deep39414
4Bathtub Billy's Dart Bags38424
5Bathtub Billy's Army of the 12 Monkeys34463
6Mayfields Mayhem27533

Playoff Champions

Metro - Jimmy G's Island of Misfit Toys

Div A - Salvatore's Saloon Goons

Div B - Barnard Crossing Woodchucks


Finals Week
T80 Ed Day
Nine Count Bret Dussmann
Reggie Rollo
6 Count Bull None Reported
T In T20 - Pat Ryan
T16 - Dale LaFrance
T05 - Ed Day
T - Johnny Lee Jenkins
T - Jim Ling
T Out T41 - Ed Day
T11 - Pat Ryan


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Totaled Results By Week

477487388487M1Jimmy G's Dirty Kids75
6896810777669M2Jimmy G's Island of Misfit Toys89
723723632743M3McGinnity's Stepchildren49
331320423321M4McGinnity's Gunners27
421171211730A1Mulconry's Let's Be Ins30
433735651144A2Mulconry's Highlanders46
657357337445A3Salvatore's Saloon Goons59
265513577454A4McGinnity's Lebowski54
7766643556--B1Old Toad Rosie and the Ribbiters55
5245264334--B2Bathtub Billy's Dart Bags38
1646244534--B3Mason's Bulls Deep39
3523655558--B4Barnard Crossing Woodchucks47
3342624370--B5Bathtub Billy's Army of the 12 Monkeys34
5142234312--B6Mayfields Mayhem27

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